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January 29, 2015
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Anatomy of a Wincher Minimize
Since we don't believe in the "Here is our bumper; take it or leave it" style of business, every Wincher is fully configurable. Therefore, every Wincher starts out as just a basic bumper.

Basic Wincher bumpers are available in one of 3 styles: Bumper Only, Winch style, Receiver style.

After you choose your bumper style, you may add a multitude of options, like paint color, brush guard, light bar, tow points, lights, skid plate, and dock bumpers.

Bumper Styles 

The Bumper Only is just that. A heavy duty replacement bumper. It has no capability to mount a winch.


The Winch style is designed to mount a winch, like in the picture to the right. 

The Receiver style, rather than having a winch mount, is equipped with a 2" ID receiver tube 
identical to what you would find on a trailer hitch. It's useful for portable, cradle mounted winches and many other functions.
Tow Points
The D ring is a non-removeable (and, thusly, very resistant to theft) swiveling tow point.    
The shackle mount is a "D" shaped eye with a nominal 1" ID hole, 7/8" thick. Designed to use with a 3/4" screw pin type shackle (sold separately), click here:

Rubber Dock Bumper  

A 6" x 3" x 3.5" pair of heavy duty rubber blocks. Useful for pushing with your truck without marring the finish.  

Brush Guards: Grill Guards, Light Guards
By definition the Grill Guard is the center piece of a brush guard assembly, the piece positioned in front of the grill of the truck while the light guards are the outer tubes that protect the headlight and the corners of the truck. The grill guard is available in several styles. 

Not all styles are available for all models and usually there is a default style for a particular model wincher. Please speak with your sales representative if you have questions about this or want something custom. Here are the basic styles:
Plate style grill guard: The uprights are cut from 1/4" plate with connecting tube at the top     
Plate style grill guard with Overlay: The normal plate style grill guard wrapped with a 1.5" x .120 strip provides a large profile and reduces impact footprint    
Hoop style grill guard: Bent from DOM tube, 90 degree bends; also, shown with light guards in this 
"A" style Grill Guard: Also formed from DOM tube, but the tube is not bent to 90 degrees to form 
an A shape. Also shown with light guards in this picture.

Intermediate "A" style Grill Guard: Very similar to the "A" style. This bar is made the same way only half the height.

PreRunner style Grill Guard: Similar to the "A" style, but the main hoop is leaned out from the bumper at about a 30 degree angle and two smaller diameter supporting pieces from the corners of the bumper reach out to support it.    
Full width Grill Guard, same height grill guard: Using one piece of tube, the grill guard extends from side to side at the same height, replacing the optional light guards.
Stinger style Grill Guard: Very similar to the PreRunner, but without the supporting corner pieces.
Light Bar
The light bar is a 1" diameter tube designed to mount lights in the center of the bumper (lights not included). It is available with or without a grill guard. Not available on all models.

The light bar is a place to mount additional lights over the winch box. It will either run between the uprights bars on the grill guard or will be formed and attach to the top of the winch bumper if you are not ordering a grill guard. The light bar is designed to handle two lights.  Additional light tabs can be ordered and the tab locations can be customized. Please discuss with your sales representative when placing your order.
Light bar with Grill Guard

Light bar without Grill Guard

 Light Guard Connector: A tube that comes over the top of the grill guard and connects the two sides of the light guard.    
Turn Signals
Turn Signals are available in either LED or Incandescent.    


These are the standard lights we use:

2" lights: Hella DE

3.5" lights: Northern Tool 18814

4": PIAA 510 Series

5": ProComp 55s, PIAA 540s

140mm: Light Force Lance

6-3/8": Hella 500s, PIAA 520s

170mm: Light Force Striker

6" x 4": ProComp 9200

Also Rigid Industries SR-M, Dually, and D2 lights


If you wish to use a different light, we'll be happy to accommodate you. We can supply many lights or you are welcome to supply your own lights and we'll fit them to the bumper. If we do not have the template for a light, you may need to send them to us for fitting and then we'll ship them back with your order. There is an $85 charge for custom light fitting.

Light holes are not cut unless lights are ordered with bumper, or unless you request light holes. $75 for light holes, buckets, and mounts only. 

Can I reuse the factory fog lights that came with my truck? With almost few exceptions those lights snap into the bumper using plastic tabs and do not post mount like after market off road lights. If they can be remounted, that option will be listed in the drop down menu for light packages.

What does inner and outer light packages mean? Most bumpers can accept two sets of lights in the wings. Inner is closer to the center of the bumper, outer is closer to the ends of the bumper. Center refers to the middle portion of the bumper